14: 3 Ways to Stand Out in 2019

14: 3 Ways to Stand Out in 2019

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In this episode, we talk about three ways to stand out in 2019.

A lot of attorneys deal with the following attorney marketing problems:

  • They feel invisible.
  • They put inordinate time and effort into acquiring one specific client.
  • Changing circumstances that are out of their control (such as Facebook or Google Ads changing their algorithms).

The most successful marketers are people who build the right relationships and who invest in areas of marketing with high demand for lawyers (and lower supply). Here are three ways to get noticed in 2019.

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Start a Podcast

Podcasts are an underutilized tool in the realm of attorney marketing. Blogs appear more glamorous, but podcasts are effective in their own right. In general, they can do the following:

Starting a podcast is a great way to build intimacy with people in a relevant way. It’s very rare that people pay 10, 20, or even 60 minutes of attention anymore. Podcasts are one of few areas where they do. And you don’t even need to talk about legal issues. In fact, it’s often best if you don’t. Instead, talk about an industry you want to penetrate, share industry news, update listeners on new regulations or laws that are coming up without going too deep with your analysis. You’ll start building your reputation in no time.

You could also start an interview-based podcast where you interview industry executives, influencers, or other thought leaders. While this requires more work up front in matching schedules, interview podcasts allow you to use your podcast as a networking tool to build relationships with people you interview. Your interviewees also generally share their episode with their networks, which also helps you grow your audience.

Be a Guest on Podcasts

When done well, being a guest on the right podcasts can be one of the most effective ways to stand out. Imagine being able to walk into a room of 200, 2,000, or even 20,000 prospects, each of whom is there to listen to you. Being a guest on the right podcasts gives you an equivalent opportunity.

Grow an Email Newsletter

Many law firms have a “distribution list.” An email newsletter is slightly different in that you rarely promote yourself. A proper email newsletter is a relationship-building tool, not a “pitch and spam canon.”

Few lawyers build email newsletters that prospects, influencers, and gatekeepers look forward to receiving. If you do, your emails will be a welcome addition to people’s inboxes. And having a list of people’s contact information who look forward to your email allows you to stay in control of your communications without worrying about Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn changing algorithms and making you pay to reach people who follow your social accounts.

Do you sometimes feel invisible?

If you’re tired of feeling invisible, these three lawyer marketing strategies can help you or your law firm stand out.

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