If you’re looking to build a strong network and resume for business development opportunities or a law firm looking to encourage associates and others who are newer to marketing to begin building a strong business development routine, you’re in the right place.

Specifically tailored to the challenges and opportunities facing law firm associates and others who are newer to marketing and networking, the Attorney Marketing Institute provides much-needed experience and expertise to help associates and others who are newer to marketing with business development, marketing, and networking.

AMI’s individual and group programs and curricula are based on practical, current, and proven successful techniques that have helped actual associates and others who are newer to marketing build their networks, secure real business, and find or create top-quality speaking, writing, and press opportunities.

AMI was built by an associate for the benefit of associates and others who are newer to marketing.

AMI can help you stand out in the crowded legal industry where competition is fierce and newer attorneys face substantial challenges from more experienced ones.

If you are ready to start now and commit to investing in your future you can choose an investment level (including a free option) right here! With only so much time in the day, coaching sessions are limited, so be sure to connect with us as soon as you are ready to claim your spot.

About AMI’s Founder: Nick Pavlidis

AMI was founded by Nick Pavlidis, an attorney who spent nearly ten years as a commercial and bankruptcy litigator in the New York City office of a large law firm, when he moved his family back to his home state to serve as the number two in-house attorney for a group of international manufacturing companies, a job he secured through networking efforts.

Nick’s experience and training is uniquely tailored to coach and train associates and others who are newer to marketing on how to get started early and build a healthy business development practice while maintaining the highest standards for their practice and healthy personal habits, both of which are critical to your long-term success.

Some of Nick’s business development successes, which he achieved while consistently reaching or exceeding practice expectations, include:

  • bringing in several new engagements ranging from a few thousand dollars to six-figure matters
  • expanding business from existing firm clients
  • connecting partners and other associates with business development opportunities
  • securing multiple speaking engagements, both domestically and abroad
  • hosting multiple in-house counsel networking events, with no out-of-pocket costs
  • securing multiple online and print writing opportunities
  • building a strong network for direct and referral business
  • coaching other associates through specific marketing initiatives and designing their business development habits
  • serving on the Firm-Wide Associates’ Committee for many years, including as Chair, New York Office Representative, and Firm-Wide Member at Large.

In addition to his substantive experience and innovative marketing techniques that helped Nick secure clients, speaking engagements and writing opportunities over more experienced attorneys, Nick has also studied and practiced the skills necessary to effectively coach other attorneys to design and implement their business development practice in their comfort zone.

For example, what follows is a partial list of the relevant people and/or topics from whom Nick has learned and/or trained:

  • Boston Boston College Law School (JD 2004)
  • Coaching With Excellence (Dan Miller)
  • Public Speaking (Lane Bowes; Speak-it-Forward Live)
  • Attorney and General Online and Offline Networking and Marketing (Personal Business Development Coaching (for multiple years); NetworkNetwork Member (multiple years); Intentional Mentorship/Apprenticeships (shadowing, working with, or otherwise helping several partners with their business development projects), Leader/Admin for several online networking groups.
  • Writing, Creative, Publishing, and Marketing (Write-it-Forward Bootcamp; The Self-Publishing System; Self-Publishing Success Summit; Write to the Bank; Learn Scrivener Fast; and more)
  • Writing, Legal (Brian Garner)

As you can see, this partial list of study and experience demonstrates Nick’s passion and extensive training in coaching, public speaking, networking, online and offline marketing, creative and persuasive writing, and more.

This combination of education and practical experience allows Nick to not only prepare and effectively lead associates and others who are newer to marketing in individual and group sessions, but also helps him share effective, practical, and tested directions.

If you are ready to invest in your future you can take action right now to put your best business development plan together with the help and guidance of someone who has walked (and succeeded) in your shoes by choosing an investment level (including a free option) right here!

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